iPAD SP2 Intelligent AED

iPAD SP2 Intelligent AED

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Standard Non-Recharge Package

  • 1x SP2 AED Without Manual Override
  • 1x Adult/ Child Electrode Pad Set
  • 1x Orange Carry Case
  • 1x Disposable Battery (Up to 5 Years Life- 4 Year Warranty)

Standard Manual Package

As above with:

  • Manual Override

Ultimate Non-Manual Package

  • 1x SP2 AED Without Manual Override
  • 1x Adult/ Child Electrode Pad Set
  • 1x Orange Carry Case
  • 2x Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1x Recharging Dock
  • Bluetooth 3 Lead ECG Module
  • Bluetooth Printer

Ultimate Manual Package

As above with:

  • Manual Override


The iPAD SP2 defibrillator is designed for appropriately trained Medical Professionals who need greater functionality & clinical information than an entry level AED can provide. Retaining the user friendliness of it’s little brother (the SP1), the iPAD SP2 is ideal for situations where space and time are limited, but the demand for functionality is not.


A full colour screen allows a rescuer to use a soft key to select the functionality they require: AED, Monitor or Manual. This gives greater control to an appropriately trained rescuer to make a clinical decision based on their interpretation of either a basic II lead ECG via the electrode pads, or 3 lead ECG provided via the Bluetooth ECG module.

  • Full Colour Screen With 3 Modes

    Soft key selection for AED, Monitor or Manual mode.

    This allows a trained rescuer to make a clinical decsion based on interpretation of a basic III lead ECG provided using the electrode pads or the Bluetooth III Lead ECG Module. (Manual Override only available in the Standard Manual Package and Ultimate Manual Package).

  • Modular System With Extras

    The level of functionality required can be specified. Manual mode, Bluetooth monitoring & Printing are all bolt-on options that can be supplied with your iPAD SP2 (See Our Packages).

  • Printable Data & ECG Playback

    Important clinical information available instantly for review & handover with a printing option via the bluetooth printer. (Printer available separately or in our Ultimate Packages).

  • Bluetooth ECG Monitoring

    In monitor mode, the iPAD SP2 uses bluetooth to receive ECG data and displays it on the LCD Screen. A III Lead ECG & full or partial print out can be obtained on scene.

  • Dual Adult/ Child Pads

    Save precious seconds when a child's life is in your hands.

    The iPAD SP2 comes with dual adult and child electrode pads. No pad changes are required.

  • Manual Override & R-Sync

    Trained medical professionals can use the on screen ECG to determine if a shock should be delivered and to select the appropriate energy level from 150J down to 2J.

    Using R-Sync will detect the R Wave of the patiens ECG and display the R-Sync Mark on the LCD Screen with a short beep. (Manual Override only available in our Starter Manual Package or Ultimate Manual Package).

  • Clear Visual & Verbal Guidance

    Make saving someone's life as simple as possible.

    The iPAD SP2 intelligently guides a rescuer at the pace at which they work.

    Large, clear illuminations on the graphic LCD screen and calm voice prompts give guidance at every step of the rescue.

  • Synchronised Cardioversion

    For trained medical professionals, synchronised cardioversion can be performed with the SP2, a unique function for this level of defibrillator monitor,.

  • Multiple Event Recording

    If data is required, data download is simle with the device in situ. Up to 3 events of 1 hours each can be recorded in the memory of the SP2.

    Should the Data be required, the download process can be performed with a simple SD card. The device does not need to be sent away.